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What to Look for In a Good Water Softening Maintenance Company

Posted by on Apr 18, 2018

If you are new to water softener ownership or you are looking to buy a new one, you are probably familiar with the options that were available to you from the company selling them to you. Most of these companies also handle water softener maintenance, but just as you would compare products sold by these companies you also want to compare their services.

If you have purchased a new softener ask yourself how well you thought the company did with installing it. If you are about to buy one, ask about the installation process. Read online reviews about the company to see what other customers have to say about them. If you find they do a good job of installing softeners, they will most likely be just as good at helping you maintain yours.

Sodium or Potassium

New water softening systems usually come with warranties. If your dealer is authorized to sell you a particular softening system, you can be sure that the manufacturer has authorized them to do any repairs related to it. This is also a good way to find a good water softening maintenance company.

When the system was first installed, it had to be filled with water in the brine tank. Did your installer do this correctly? Most likely the answer to this question is yes. If it is, you can depend on them to help you in the future when you need to refill the tank. This is something a homeowner can learn to do, however, it is not for everyone.

This is because the tank has to be filled with the correct amount of sodium or potassium. While you can find these at a hardware store and refer to your owner’s manual to add the correct amount, you should leave it to the company that installed it for you.

Testing Your Water Hardness

Another task that you may want your company to handle for you is testing your water hardness. Most reputable companies will do water hardness tests for free. If yours does, you can be sure that they are a good company to deal with. Sometimes, if the hardness test comes back with negative results, you will need their help in setting the hardness levels on your system.

You can set the recharging yourself, but again, some people are less confident in adjusting these systems than others. If so, a good water softener maintenance company will be happy to do it for you or will be able to suggest to you how and when to set it. Ideally, you want it to run when no one in the home is apt to be showering or doing dishes.

Some systems will recharge automatically. If yours requires manual setting, you should be able to consult with your maintenance company for help. Once per quarter, your maintenance company should add the right water softening salt to your system. As long as the company is qualified to do repairs to your system, you should be able to count on them to be the best company to handle routine maintenance. To know more visit the website at