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What Is The Fog Light Bulb Size For A 2017 Ford F-150?

Posted by on Jan 25, 2018

What is the fog light bulb size for a 2017 Ford F-150? You might be surprised to find out that it is the same bulb size that is used in the 2004-2014 models. The bulb size is 9140 or more specifically, H10 9145 9140. Now you know the size of the bulb to get for a fog light replacement, and you can look at the different types, too. There are multicolor bulb options, high-powered bulb options and much more.

Most of the bulbs available for purchase are priced about the same, so that is something to take into consideration. I guess you could say that it’s more about preference. While you are at it, looking up the specs for the fog light for a 2017 Ford F-150, you might as well also get the specs for other replacement lights for when you need them. For example, you can figure out what you need in terms of a replacement front turn signal light.

Backup Reverse Light

For a replacement turn signal light, you need halogen model 7443 7440 T20. This bulb light is also available in different types, including super bright. What about the rear turn signal light? You will need to look at the products available under 3157K-3157SCK.

What about the backup reverse light? There sure are a lot of lights on a 2017 Ford F-150, aren’t there? For this light bulb, you are looking at model number 3157 3156 T25. So far, that’s only the tip of the iceberg in regards to replacement light bulbs for your Ford F-150. You came here to get information about the fog light bulb size, and you got more than you bargained for.

Bulb Replacements

What about the 3rd brake light? That bulb size is 921 912 T15. Now it’s on to the license plate light, which is 168. When it comes to the map light and the dome light, these are LED lights, not halogen bulbs. Now let’s look at the front side marker light, which is 2825, or model 194 168 2825 W5W T10. You also will see different options for that type of light, so remember to look at different types for that specific model and size.

When you shop bulb replacements for a 2017 Ford F-150, you are going to see that the options are grouped together. This makes for an easy and user-friendly shopping experience. The only light we haven’t looked at yet so far for this truck is the headlight. The high beam replacement headlight bulb size is 9005. For a low beam replacement headlight bulb, the size is H11.

Now you have a record of all the replacement bulb sizes for your Ford F-150. How handy is that? You will no longer have to look up bulb sizes. All you have to do is shop for the replacement bulb you need and have it shipped right to your front door. This is a really handy guide for you to have as you take good care of your truck. To learn more about us visit the website or contact us.