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The Top Reasons Why You Should Use Dayton, OH Top Realtors

Posted by on Jul 27, 2017

Many people confuse the terms ‘real estate agents’ and ‘realtors’. In fact, most people will use the terms interchangeably; however, only real estate agents who are members of the National Association of Realtors can refer to themselves as realtors. This is important to remember when trying to find a real estate professional because there are certain benefits to using a realtor over a real estate agent. This article will provide information on why you should use top Realtor Dayton Ohio instead of real estate agents.

Realtor Dayton Ohio

• Code Of Ethics And Professionalism

By being a member of the National Association of Realtors, the realtor is bound to a strict code of ethics. This code of ethics is based on professionalism and will protect the public against unethical conduct. A real estate agent does not need to adhere to any of these codes and you cannot be sure whether or not this professional is behaving in an ethical manner. A realtor who steps outside of their code can have their membership removed and realtor license revoked.

• The Multiple Listing Service

One of the greatest benefits to using a realtor instead of a real estate agent is the direct access to the multiple listing service (MLS). The MLS is a private service that realtors use to share listings with other licensed realtors. This means that advertising your property with one realtor will allow thousands of other realtors to access the information through the MLS and potentially find a buyer quickly for the property.

• Knowledge Of The Area And Committed To Real Estate

It is essential that you locate a realtor who studies the advancements in the real estate industry. If the realtor is aware of innovation in realty, they will be aware of the area movements and real estate trends. Realtors are fortunate in that they have access to other realtors and can share information regarding these trends and updates.