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Six Surprising Facts about Commercial Property for Sale Cincinnati Ohio

Posted by on Jul 20, 2017

When looking at the market for properties in Ohio, many people are surprised when they find that the market in Cincinnati is actually better than they anticipated.

Here Are Six Reasons That People Are Surprised About

1. The housing market is much cheaper than they expect. Especially for houses that are close to the city center and in areas with good schools. This means that people looking to both buy a home and open a shop are going to have a much smaller commute time than they would in other places.

2. The school districts are actually rather high ranking and there are a number of amazing programs for kids. Families move into the area to better their children’s educational prospects on a regular basis. This has created a number of niche markets that still need filling.

3. Utility costs are much cheaper than people think as well, making it easy to run a business and own a home. Often the price for both is cheaper than just a home would be in other states.

4. Storefronts have much more forgiving leases than in other areas. The terms are not as strict as most people would expect them to be, making it easier for different businesses to establish themselves within the city.

5. Storefronts are bigger than most people expect. This means that there is more opportunity for expansion and that space matters a lot less for stores that are just getting started.

6. Office spaces are also much bigger than expected. There are several places where entire floors or property for sale or lease. The sale price often ends up being very far below the national average, making it a good idea to invest in the area for businesses that are not location dependent.