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Real Estate Handy Tips: How to Make More Money on Your Rental Property

Posted by on Jun 17, 2017

Real Estate Handy Tips: How to Make More Money on Your Rental Property

One of the most important concepts that you need to learn is how to build different streams of income. Over the years, there is really no such thing as a stable job. After 2008, we all realized how your job may not be around the next day and job security in modern times is not really that stable anymore. That’s why you have to know exactly which baskets you choose to put your eggs.

If you have the option to invest in real estate and produce income out of it, this can be a good financial strategy. It is better than simply owning assets that accumulate expenses monthly. For instance, if you purchased a house, you will most likely pay for taxes, repairs, mortgage, and other expenses that go with it. Here are some tips that can come in handy when you are looking to make an income from your rental property.

  1. Find different ways to decrease vacancy

There are different ways on how you can decrease the times that your property is vacant. For instance, you can prioritize getting long-term tenants. This keeps the property occupied, and therefore your income stream is not a problem.

But what happens if your tenant decides to leave? That’s when you should start trying to be creative when it comes to your rental property. For instance, why not have it rented by a number of people instead of just one? You can have a condo, for instance, that is rented out by three roommates. Not only does it work for those who are on a budget, you also lessen the chances that you are getting a vacancy in your property.

In addition to this, you also have to evaluate the price range in your area. There are instances when the main reason why your property is not getting tenants is due to its absurd price point. Make sure that you are offering something that is reasonable for your market. If you wish to put up a higher price point on your property’s monthly rental, it is a good idea that you perk it up. Perhaps, include a kitchen that has been newly renovated? Or perhaps, have wifi and other appliances included in your property? This will lessen the cost for the tenants since they will no longer buy a fridge or even a television. In addition to this, you also make the property more lucrative compared to other properties in the area.

  1. Keep turnovers to a minimum

What most landlords don’t realize is that turnovers can cost a lot of money in the long run. The walls will have to be painted, not to mention the entire property should be inspected for any damage that has to be maintained. This costs a good amount of money in the long run.

In order to maximize your profit from the property, it is your best option to find a tenant that will take care of your property as if it is their own.Commercial real estate Cincinnati Ohio can be a huge investment. This means that you should be screening them. You will be able to find the perfect match for you if you simply do the right background check.

  1. Use technology

Technology can help your business grow. In fact, it is possible for you to get more tenants and even increase the generated income from your property if you rely on technology. For instance, instead of hotels, a lot of people on vacation now rent places such as condominiums or even extra rooms.

It is now becoming more affordable and popular to have your place rented for a short period of time to tourists. Websites such as Air BnB allows you to even choose the client you are allowing to stay in your place. If you filled up the entire month with these types of rentals, you can even earn more from your property. Visit:

However, it is important that you know exactly how to market your property. First, you want to provide security to your guests. Make sure that there are locks and only they could have access to their room or even to the entire property. Next, it is important to provide fast and reliable communications. There are instances when they will be asking for towels or other inquiries. It is also best if you can provide them with things that they don’t get from a hotel such as a place where they can wash their clothes. Also, make sure that you provide a wifi for them that they can use.

  1. Know who your market is

It is also important that you know exactly who your market is. Is it people who are working? Perhaps, you are located in a business district? Do you have a large student market because you are in an area close to a university? Or perhaps, your market is actually tourists since your property is near tourist spots and train stations?

Make sure that you do your research first before you decide to post an ad about your property. This will make sure that you know how to market the property. For instance, if professionals are your primary target market, be sure that you include things that they usually love such as well-designed interiors with all the necessary things that they will need. This means that all they have to do is to just bring their clothes and stay in your place.

On the other hand, if you are looking to attract families in your property, then it is better if you just give them a bare property where they can move. By studying your market, it is also easier to have a price point.

  1. Invest on your property

You also want to make sure that you invest on your property if you are looking to raise the rent. For instance, you want to invest in things that last. Instead of replacing small items over and over again, why not invest on the highest quality faucets and switches for instance? This will make sure that your property is functional according to the needs of your tenants. The last thing that you want is to be called for repairs every now and then.

Once you made major changes in your home, it is also possible that you can increase the rental fee. This can allow you to actually get more money in the long run. But of course, you still have to consider other properties in your area not to mention the capability of your primary market to pay for rent.

  1. Make everything legal

Next, one of the biggest hurdles why property owners don’t earn a lot is due to the fact that their tenants are always paying late. This can be avoided if you make everything legal. Make sure that you’ve stated in the contract appropriate fees that apply if their payments are late. Also, write everything down in order to protect your property. Who would handle damages in your property in case the tenant is already going to leave?

  1. Add other revenue streams

You can generate profit from your property other than just having it rented. For instance, you can charge extra for laundry. If you opt to have the property listed on Air BnB, you can even offer airport pick up service to your guests.

Having your own real estate property is a good thing especially if you are looking to generate different streams of income. However, you should always remember that you can actually tweak some of your methods in order to maximize its efficiency and squeeze more income from the property. By doing some of these tricks, you will notice a big difference.