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B&B for sale in Costa Rica

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Location: Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui (HOTEL), just one hour from San Jose
Size: 5 acres, ca 2,5 ha.
Province: San José
Features: Small hotel, B&B: on the “most beautiful garden of Costa Rica” as it is described in the Lonely Planet, a hotel with:

Owners home: one bedroom, one bathroom, living room and balconies.

Restaurant: 2 guest bathrooms, kitchen, bar and breakfast / dining area and bar with views in the garden and river

4 bungalows; fully furnished and all with own bathroom and terrace, 2 with air-conditioning
1 family apartment with separate bedroom and bathroom
Price: $460,000
Status: Active

Full Description:

A tiny island just outside Costa Rica's Northern zone town of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui is home to a magnificent botanical garden that awaits visitors in search of beauty and serenity. On the edge of the beautiful garden we find a restaurant where around 35 people can easily be seated with views in the gardens and river. Above the restaurant we have the owners living space, which has also beautiful views on the river. Nice living area, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. A little behind the restaurant and owners house we have two buildings with in total 4 rooms, all with their own terrace and bathrooms. 2 of the rooms also have air conditioning.

The Island is created by a split in the Puerto Viejo River, this private little island is accessible only by a bridge. The five-acre garden is home to 80 varieties of heliconias, gingers & other tropical plants.

Heliconia’s are flowering throughout the year. In addition to the Heliconia species native to C.R., the garden has an unusual variety of species native to other tropical zone countries around the world that are rarely seen even in Costa Rica The garden also features a large number of botanical relatives of the Heliconias. Among those families represented are the ginger's, Lowiaceae (no common name), costus, cannas, prayer plants, and musae (bananas). Several varieties of edible bananas are grown for guests to sample. There are also distinct species cultivated as ornamentals. Surrounding the cultivated areas of the garden are fruit trees, bamboo groves, ferns, bromeliads, philodendrons, orchids and other plant forms are growing in abundance. The most unusual palms represented in the garden are the triangular palm and the traveler's palm. The traveler's palm is native to the Island of Madagascar and is not commonly seen in Costa Rica. Both of these palms are highly prized as ornamentals because of their distinctive form and elegant beauty. Native trees, which include Sota-Caballo, Laurel, Chilamate, Ceiba, Hule, Cocora, etc, complete the foliage of the tropical setting.

Besides the beautiful garden still 40% of the island is jungle (each end of the island) with a path through it, to get a real feeling of the jungle live. On one end there is a secluded little “beach” which can is ideal to have a swim in the river.

A real delight is the large number of colorful, exotic tropical bird species. There are more than 400 species of birds in the tropical lowland forest of the Sarapiquí region. One of the most visually appealing butterflies to catch sight of on the island is the brilliant Blue Morpho. A small in sectarian is in the planning stager and will feature a larger select collection of butterflies.

Besides birds, butterflies and other small jungle inhabitants, there is a family of monkeys living ON the island, which have actually never left this surrounding. Right now it is a family of 5 howler monkey. Also slots, owls and other bigger animals can be found on a daily base on the island as well as toucans and other bigger bird species.  


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