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Found Some Great Cincinnati Ohio Realtors To Help Me

Posted by on Dec 15, 2017

My husband and I have been looking for the perfect home. When we first started our search, we looked online for homes that were for sale in Cincinnati, Ohio. We found a few homes that we wanted to look at, but we weren’t sure who to contact. We started searching for Cincinnati, Ohio realtors to help us.

Since we weren’t sure who to contact,

The first thing I suggested to my husband was making a post on Facebook asking for realtors in the area. Since he doesn’t have Facebook, he wasn’t sure how it worked. I told him I would make a post asking my friends and let him know which realtors I heard about. I went to Facebook and posted asking for suggestions for realtors in Cincinnati, Ohio. I had a few responses from my friends suggesting people they know that are realtors and I even had a friend post stating she was a real estate agent and could help us. I told my husband the information I found out by asking on Facebook. He told me to contact my friend that was a real estate agent since I have known her since high school.

After I talked to him about it

I sent my friend a message on Facebook. I told her which listings we were interested in looking at and asked her if she could show them to us. She said that she could show us the homes, even though they weren’t listed with her real estate agency. We set up appointments to look at these homes with her. Know How To Find The Best Business Property For Lease

After looking at these homes, we decided that we weren’t interested in them. We also weren’t sure that she was going to be the best realtor to go through. She didn’t seem to be very informed and told us that she was new to real estate.

I started searching elsewhere for realtors in Cincinnati, Ohio. I decided we would contact the realtor for the next home we were interested in looking at. He quickly called us back and showed us the home. He was really nice and seemed to know what he was talking about. He said he’s been in the real estate business for several years now. We both like working with him and having him show us the homes. Even though we haven’t found a home to buy yet, we have found a well educated real estate agent to help us. Check office buildings for sale .